Utilise Fashion Events To Create Network

Fashion event brings out huge opportunity for fashion bloggers to broaden their network. On the contrary to popular belief, fashion events is not only about attending events and dressing up. You are not there to simply create content for your Instagram. You can bring out more of it.

I would like to highlight few points which after attending events I personally feel everyone needs to know when attending a fashion events-


This one is obvious. You are likely going to meet people from different background call it the Designers, Photographers or Organizers but what makes you stand out most in the crowd is your outfit.

1) What outfit you wear describes a lot about your personality and the more unique is your outfit, the more approachable you will look.

2) And mind this, when I say unique it doesn’t mean you will wear quirky for Louis Vuitton Fashion shows however you can dress quirky for Gucci. Be wise on choosing the right outfit for the right event.

3) If you are attending fashion events, there are going to be a lot of talks about fashion and outfit because that is obvious and prepare yourself to deliver with your outfit details. And to save yourself from getting embarrassed, invest in pieces or unique pieces. Invest In Outfit


If you happen to attend fashion shows, take full advantage of that opportunity to create a best content and produce best pictures so that can be your ticket into further fashion events.

1) OUTFIT CAN BE A GAMECHANGER, as I have already mentioned earlier the more unique is your outfit, the more approachable you will look. No wonder fashion events are covered by many media house, magazines etc. although getting a shot cannot guarantee collaborations but getting you in press can be a huge game changer as a blogger.

2) PHOTOGRAPHERS on event are in search of great content too. Never ask to get photographed but if you happen to get snapped, be nice and don’t feel shy to ask them if they would be able to email you the photo.

3) Try to get ACCESS of the insider as you will not only learn more about the input putting by the models/ designer/ artist but it will weight your content more especially when you are about to blog on it.


This is the hardest thing ever especially if you are an introvert. But here I’m telling you few simple tips you need to put an effort on to connect with people in event-

1) INTRODUCE yourself by name (not the whole bio-data) simply your name. If that person is interested in having a conversation with you, he/ she would likely going to ask more about you.

2) NEVER ask someone their profession or for their handle also NEVER assume their names to be their handles.

3) MAKE an effort to talk to people, you might not know what’s next down the line. At the same time don’t be disheartened or don’t take it personally if the next person din’t reciprocate.

4) DO FOLLOW UP with those you have talked with during fashion events to keep the relationship going.

I remember attending my first fashion event which was a total flop as I didn’t connect with anyone. I was more afraid than having fun. LOL! This might sounds funny but that was me at one point of time but I’m glad I managed to overcome those fears.

Do let me know if this helps you & I would love to know your experiences in different events not just fashion events.