Things I’ve Learned in 22 Years!

Yes! I am 22 now. A month ago I celebrated my 22nd  birthday and the feeling of getting 22 is somehow reminding me of a Taylor’s song.

Looking back at 22 years of my life I must say I really overcome through alot of things. They say “With age comes wisdom” therefore, I am here to share you my wisdom on what I’ve learned till date:-

  1. Your birth is worth– You are worth it. Your presence is worth it. Firstly, never ever question on self-existence. If you approve yourself no one can disapprove you.
  2. You are definitely not getting married with kids at 24– Everyone once a while during their primary schools must have been pre-plan their future with marriage at 22, kids at 24, however at 20 we re-plan our future again. Yet might not be true in all the cases but that is rare.
  3. Life is a journey, not a race– Life is not a competition where one compete over another however it is a journey which makes our life beautiful. You don’t have to chase for great marks, great looks instead seek happiness in whatever you are have. You will eventually grow with time and you will realise all the materialisltic things comes with a validity.
  4.  Don’t cry over relationships – Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Sometimes you have to let go for better for God has a greater plan than yours.
  5. Relationships matter– Now you must be thinking what the hell I am talking about! I just put on a a big fat lecture on don’t settle for relationships and now I am telling you that it does matter. Before you freak out, I want to tell you why & when does it matter- it matters when a relationship is your strength, it matters when it teaches you how to love and be loved.
  6. I have learned to harness patience– I am very impatient to whatever it is but I have come to realised as we grow, the habit start to inbuild from within. You tend to learn that it requires a lot of patience to deal with things and peeople. Having a patience mindset is very important to conquer anything you want.
  7. Treat your parents better– As we are growing, defintely our parents are ageing too and watching your parents geting older is one of the hardest thing and it won’t get easier. Remember they had sacrificed many times over many things just to share a part of their lives for our happiness so as they grow older, spend more time with them and pamper them the way they pampered you.
  8. Don’t let Social Media affect you– Social Media is great for connecting or even earning but always remember the life you see out there is a reel life. Never compare yourself with what you see on-screen, no one is going to highlight their low lives because why? no ones like to reminisence their bad times.
  9. Appreciate people who stick by you– By now, you must have encounter thounsands of friends counting from nursery to university. However how many really you are in contact with? It’s good to apprecaiate your friends and remind them that you will always be there.
  10. Talk to people more often/ Discuss more– Thesedays people are getting introvert in real life and becoming extrovert in reel life. They are more open to share and discuss online rather than talking or solving the matter face to face. But things get less complicate if everything get so simple like it was back then, before technology were evolving precisely before the era of social media. Isn’t it? when you don’t have a phone and you have to talk with each other.

I really like this quote   

Before we come to an end I just want to say that I can’t forsee my future nor yours however one thing I am forever sure is that without a shadow of doubt you will walk through this beautiful life surrounded with abundance of love.

Let me know what have you learn so far?