Wearing shirt the normal way is too mainstream, why not style it your way??

Recently, I have been experimenting a lot with my wardrobe and luckily found this shirt. It is a very old piece and I was thinking what can be done with it and trust me I manage to came up with many style but for now I’ll be talking only about 3 .

TUBING : Tubing is sexy and shirt tubing is formal sexy, when your’re at work and your boss asked you out for a dinner date but you’re running short of time to change your outfit, then don’t worry just remember on shirt tubing and you’re all set .

1) Put on your shirt without your sleeves  and button it up.
2) Take both the sleeves and tie them up in your waist.
3) Wear a choker (in case you have it in your bag) as it will add more visibility to your collarbones/ beauty bones.
4) Lastly, wear it with confident and your’re all set to lit it up.

OFF-SHOULDER : Currently, off-shoulder has been a latest fashion trend and you’ll find it in every wardrobe (but honestly I don’t own even one) because I was never confident of wearing it. I am not sure whether it will go well with my body type as I have a broad shoulder but after experimenting on this self-made off-shoulder, I think I need to wear it more often from now on and own more off-shoulders top .



1) Leave 2 to 3 buttons unbutton on the top and the rest button it up.
2) You can tugged in your shirt if you are wearing a skirt or else the length of your shirt will  be equivalent with the length of your skirt, which apperas odd.
3) You can also leave it open while wrapping a thin belt on it (like I’m wearing here) or a corset belt to make it look more classy.
4) Wear a choker to add more chic on the outfit and it will add more visibility to your collar bone.

FOR-BACK : This is my own personal style, one way to tone down your simple shirt is to wear it for-back .

1) Wearing the back forward and the front backward, button it up as it is but this time in your back .
1) Add any sparkling or shimmery neckpiece so it would hide the shirt’s collar and drag one’s attention towards your neckpiece.
2) Wear a belt if you are wearing a pant, it will make you look taller.

As I’ve mentioned above, after experimenting with this shirt I’ve come up with many styles out of which 3 styles I’ve shown here. You can also wear shirt in the form of a shirtdress, shkirt etc …Try experimenting with your shirt and show me on how you end up.I would love to see it-:)

Thank you for Reading-:)

Choker- DIY
Shirt- Envy Me