Minimal Packing for Summer Travel

A little getaway is very much needed in summer. As the weather changes, we enjoy showing more skin, romancing with mountains and waterfalls wearing our vibrant bold staple pieces that brings out our skin tone. Dresses that feature flowers and floral pattern are often for summer and spring staples.

I remember last winter, travelling to Kolkata where all my packed went chaos. Kolkata tend to be hot even in winter but last winter was totally opposite and all my summer packing went in vain. So this time I have become more prominent and methodical in packing. Keeping these little things in mind where fashion meets travel with comfort, I thought of sharing you few packing hacks that I prefer when going on a short vacation.

1)Make a list:

If I am travelling for a week or more, I will create my packing list in advance and in order to not forget the essentials. Doing a bit of planning and plotting in advance will save you time and money in the long run. Make a list of which particular area you are going to explore or nearby.

2)Outfit plan:

Think of the activities you will be doing/events you will be attending and plan outfits accordingly. Choose an outfit that works the best for any occasion or multi-purpose outfit. Well! nothing can ruin your day of touring better than an uncomfortable shoes, so picked your footwear wisely and the last but not the least accessories should be the focal point and if necessary better to not carry much accessories until and unless you are covering a fashion event. However I am going on a summer short trip with my family so I am carrying lighter clothes.

3)Do not carry an enormous suitcase:

Highly recommend to not carry a giant suitcase unless you are planning for a year trip or to shift there. You will be exhaust schlepping a heavy suitcase from pillar to post. You don’t really need much stuff. It is all about the experience, not the stuff. Carrying heavy stuff wil only pressurizes on taking care of belongings and not having fun.

4)Important summer essentials:

I am going to highlight few of the summer esentails which I think it’s important such carrying scarf as they are light weight and versatile, cleanser and moisturizer is must to keep your face moisturized the whole time, phone charger, sunglasses, camera etc. I prefer packing packet shampoo over bottle shampoos as they occupy lesser space and suitable for a short trip.

Those are few of the essentials I won’t leave home without as I now know the importance of it and I would recommend the same thing to you out of my experiences.

Hopefully these tips are helpful as you plan your summer travels. I will be going on a family trip soon to Arunachal Pradesh (INDIA) and I can’t wait to start packing. Are you planning a summer vacation soon?If no, drop down your latest travel destination name.Would love to know !