Lavasa: Mini Italy In India

This is by far one of my favorite travel destinations close to Mumbai “Lavasa”. It is a planned city near Pune built based on the Italian town Portofino. It is beautiful, far beyond what I saw in pictures and magazines. In another way it is a traveler’s paradise with just a 4 hrs drive from Mumbai and 2 hrs from Pune. There are some experiences that will truly leave you mesmerized and memories to hang on with forever.

As a girl from the hills, I have always found my confinement in nature and pure joy in the mountains. Well not to exaggerate but I can hear the mountains calling me (j.k) like in the song “ The call of the mountains” by Eluviete, which happens to be one of my favorite bands. I heard their song once when I was in high school, A rose for the epona and it hooked me forever. Imagine you driving to the hills while playing some of your favorite songs is like a curd with sugar.

Surprisingly, it is cold in Lavasa plus it is monsoon so, compared to the weather in Mumbai. We went on weekend, also a weekend getaway is known to be a special kind of getaway because you have been working the whole week so it serves a remedy to detox your mind, body and soul.

One of the most amazing things about Lavasa is if you get the pleasure of staying in one of the hotels facing the water which undoubtedly has the most amazing view from the room. It is very peaceful at night. It is away from traffic, no honking or any sort of noise, only the calmness and the sea breeze. Each day you can wake up to the beautiful sunrise and fall asleep to the birds chirping.

Sharing a few pictures from the trip which I am hoping will transport you to the Lavasa hills soon!