Fashion have always offered us many trends and one of them which I really love is the street style.When I think of street style the first thing which pops in my mind is”Street style—Sneakers,Joggers and Baseball cap”.

I’ve always been a very minimalistic person. I love wearing casual as it makes me more comfortable with ready to go  feels and lastly joggers add all to it. I love having pieces that can go from the sofa to the street when I can literally throw myself in both sides on a sec. Here I throw on my  jogger with white sneakers and halter top as I wanted to go bit sporty and at the same time sexy. However you can always style them with your t-shirt and it is a win-win situation if the size of joggers are extra large than your body size as it will look more chic with the hippie posh.
I can wear joggers and running the city into it. Day hour or date night joggers will save your day. You can wear them casually ( like I am wearing here), wear them to gym or wear them in formal way with a classy touch by pairing with a plain white top adding a simple neck piece with high heel and boom you are all set to rock.
I  find them perfect because they are not so baggy nor tight and moreover whenever I wear them I feel my shoes on, it makes my shoes more visible, which are on point because I love shoes. I have seen girls run around the city on joggers and they literally steal my attention and trust me the key to a good minimalistic outfit is to grab and pair pieces that are eye catching. I can’t emphasize enough but basically whatever I wore here is all summers at this point cause truly I cannot get tired of athleisure trend, let’s be honest who doesn’t prefer aesthetic and joggers are a perfect combination of activewear and chic. You might get elated if the weather don’t favour your outfit but don’t worry joggers can even look good with jacket or a sweater. I had once wore my joggers with a bomber jacket in college and it turn out to be pretty good though I don’t have a picture of it with me now.
What more you could’ve ask for !
Do share me your story on how you style your Joggers pant.
                                                             Thank you for Reading;) .
Hallter Top :Forever 21
Jogger: Reliance Trends
Baseball Cap:Puma
Sneakers: Streetsylestore