How to start a blog in 2019- 101 tips for beginners


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With the begin of New Year, I wanted to send you some blogging inspo and this might just add on your resolution list for 2019. Not long ago, I absolutely had no clue about blogging. I was looking for some creative outlet to fuel my brain power, but absolutely had no idea where and how to begin. It would have been so nice to have someone alongside to come and say here it is! This is how it works! So I decided to post this piece if you are like me at some point.

Before I move on how to start a blog, I would like to share you on how I started my blog…..

Initial Stage (Wix)

I started my first blog in the summer of 2017 between June-July. I remember browsing over some articles and happen to come across an ad from WIX which shows how to create a website in 4 steps (get started)and it really intrigues me on how can someone create a website in just 4 simple steps, as to what I  heard you need to have a good programming knowledge to create a website which I don’t have as I was not from an IT background and neither am a programing-friendly but the curiosity within me click through and Thank God there wasn’t anything require to be coded or program (geez!) so that’s how it interest me. Well now that the site is done with the readymade template, I was like ‘Oh! so that’s how it is and I left.

Intermediate Stage (Blogger)

Instagram introduce me to the world of blogging. I was socially active person but only on Facebook until I discover blogging, now Instagram became my socially active medium. I was curious when I see people posting about their looks. It kept me wondering, Why would they detail their outfit? Why do they mention the brand they wore? All such questions linger in my head where I had no answer neither did I took the initiative to Google. I am very fond of writing though I know how poor my writing is, I wrote my first blog on Blogger, it was on teenagers & relationships which I somehow forgot what I wrote about(I don’t even remember the ID name). I’d show to some of my friends calling it as an article as I didn’t knew the specific name’ BLOG’ back then. My friends appreciated the story and thought it was too short and I could improve more, so I wrote again another article on Indian poverty (Lol! I know now this sounds crazy). I didn’t stick to any particular niche as my main motive was to share my thoughts….

Final Stage (WordPress)

Later, I attended one seminar on Blogging and that was an eye opening moment for me. I now know that we can even earn by blogging and it has proved to be a source of income for many. There is so much potential in blogging, it act as a medium to connect one person’s thought to another and sharing of knowledge. I started doing more research on this whole fancy thing call ‘blogging’ then bought a domain from my pocket money, hosted on a free site (now I have hosted on a premium site), started my own website with the help of one of my friend Jadav it was never looking back ever since. Though I am not an avid contributor, it is something I do which makes me happy.

Now Let’s Begin with how to set up your own blog. Well! There are mammoths of information on the web on the same, so I am not going to go in details but I will simply highlight the basic needed things

How to set up your own blog?

Find Your Niche– Choosing a niche may be daunting; go through your options logically on considering your content. This is very important for you to understand what you want to blog about. Before starting a blog you need a specific direction in order to get on the ground. A successful blog is never uncluttered.

  • Specific Direction– You must be clear whether your motive is to inspire, teach, entertain or a call to action.
  • Your Interest– What interest you the most? List down things you like the most and note down category you can perform better. Suppose, you love gaming and travel at the same time but you are indecisive which one to choose. Take a note of points where you feel you have a lot more to talk about, the one with greatest number of counts win. It signifies your interest on that particular category.

I chose a lifestyle blog so I can write a variety of elements related to my day to day life. The motive was to share a story in the form of a blog and motivate others (hope you are getting inspire reading this blog).

2) Choose a domain name– Once you know what you are going to talk about, you can get yourself a domain from or any available site. Your URL should be relevant to with the title of your blog, it makes people easy to find you on search engine (my domain name is

3) Host your website– In simple term hosting means a home (space) for your website on internet and domain is the address of your home. There are many host providers such as HostGator, Bluehost and hundreds of others. All have pros and cons so make sure you research beforehand.

4) Choose a blogging platform– I would personally recommend using WordPress as it is a powerful blogging platform with all the conveniences it offer. You can easily expand to add new features using WordPress plugins, it offers you with thousands of free and premium themes. Lastly you own and take control on what information you share with any third party. You can also design your own website if you know how to code.

5) Start Publishing– Now you are ready to start posting! You are ready to start a new chapter of your life with the online world.

If you have reached here, Thank you for your patience and you can always reach out to me with your queries related to blogging or anything at [email protected] or subscribe to my newsletter.

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