How To Pitch Brands for Collaboration


Pitch Brands for collaboration

With being in the blogging industry for the past 3 years and receiving enormous PR mails, I know what catches my attention and what doesn’t, so today I am going to share with you a few tips and tricks on what kind of an email works.

Also, since many of you asked me how I manage to get collaborations? Did I study mass media and journalism?

I am going to answer all that here. Be patient. Calm your mind. Let’s start.

Firstly, I am not from a mass media background and I am from an engineering background so no one really taught me how to pitch brands. But yes, after writing a lot of emails I finally know what kind of mail works and I get responses to. Know more on how I started my blog during my college.

Brand Pitching

Instagram/ Blog collaboration can turn your passion into a job or career if you are dedicated enough to pursue and hustle.

Now for those who might be wondering what is brand pitching, it is basically when you propose something or offer something to a brand that benefits mutually.

Why should you pitch?

Many asked me why you should pitch rather than waiting for brands to reach you.

Well, this is possible only in a few cases;

Case 1: Either you have a big follower count

Case 2: Or Startup/micro-brand

Both the cases are good in one way, however, there is a limitation. If you want to expand your boundaries and work with some of the best brands, you need to stretch your boundaries and skill yourself in pitching. However if a brand contacts you, it’s a luxury because you don’t need to worry thinking whether they like your profile or not (because it’s obvious, they did).  Another reason why you should pitch is that you can be selective and work with brands that align your niche. There was this time when I received a collaboration proposal from a beer company, which obviously I said NO, not because I don’t drink beer but I won’t promote beer to my audience because most of my audience are young if I had to look through my statistics. Therefore, pitching is better because you know your preferences.

How To Pitch For Collaboration With Brands?

While pitching, always brief introduce yourself, don’t beat around the bush

One thing a lot of people neglect is not having a media kit. It is always better to keep your media kit ready because some brands/PR might ask for it.

Having a media kit is as important because you don’t want to leave any loose ends.

It doesn’t have to be too fancy but a simple document containing information about your business/niche, brands you’ve worked with or products and monetary value if you wish to mention. Having said that, keep your media kit as clear & concise as you can because no one is going to look through your 6 pages kit.

Note: I don’t usually send out media kits on an email unless they want to. And even if I do send out, I don’t mention my monetary value in my media kit. In cases where they want to know the commercial details, I send out my rate card which makes it really easy for them to choose what they want to opt for. You can start negotiating likewise.

Things to include in your pitching

Short & Catchy Subject Line– Try to keep the subject line as short and attractive as you can so it intrigues the other person to open because that’s the whole point right? For them to open and read so they would know what’s inside.
Show their Benefits– While pitching you are not going to disclose the entire campaign plan, but you should include a sentence or two on how you’d like to work together. Another pro tip is to genuinely compliment the brand. And why would you like to work with them? Consider this as your interview…..!!!
Insert a Link to your Instagram & Blog– This act as your portfolio as this is a bridge between you & your next client. If you are sharing your blog link, if possible try to share the link of work which is similar with what you are offering (i.e if you are pitching a travel company, share your travel blog/post, if you are pitching a clothing brand, share your best work with the pitching clothing brand)
Include your Statistics.- It is best if you can include your stats if you think they are your selling point or else don’t. Your stats would basically include your engagement rate, monthly viewers, and audience demographics.
Thumb Rule– Do not include any monetary value so you could win over money negotiation. Get your pricing model ready before the follow-up discussion. The case might be different if you are a newbie. However, if you’re lucky might end up getting a barter collaboration which is a pretty good deal too so you can create your own portfolio.
Plus One– To sweeten the deal always offer them one extra service (for example, if you are charging them 4000 INR for 1 blog post then insert a free Instagram post along with a blog) But remember the thumb rule, only inform them about this offer after the negotiation is final.
Be Warm & Personable– No one likes to interact with a bot or a copy-pasting email. Use an email with a name eg; I use [email protected] instead of [email protected], this is an arm-in-arm style of communication. This will also want them to build a strong relationship with you which means they might consider contacting you again for their next collaboration. Make them feel like part of the same team. A cold corporate-esque will only make them feel like you are doing it for money.
Call-To-Action– Lastly, don’t keep the brand hanging regardless of how cold pitching it was. A CTA will help your reader know where to head next. You should aim to set up a call or meet up. Be specific about what you are looking forward to accomplishing in that meet.



Email 1: Pitch email if you are new

Hi Jasmine

I hope you are having a great week so far!

I am Banri, the blogger behind where I focus on fashion/lifestyle. I have been following your brand for quite some time now and I really like the style and quirkiness of (brand name). It blends with my niche and resonates with my audience so well.

I would love to curate pieces and add personal style to your brand, so it could bring your brand valuable exposure.

For your reference, here is my Instagram @thatkhasigirl with 7.5% engagement rate

If you’d be interested in working together, please let me know. I am also open to other ideas you may have as well, we can discuss!



Email 2: Pitch email if you are already using their product.

Hi Jasmine

I hope you are having a great week so far!

I am Banri, the blogger behind where I focus on fashion/lifestyle. I am reaching out as I am planning to create a festive look for this Diwali and wonder if we can collaborate.

I have been using your (Lipstick/foundation-shade00) for over a year now and I absolutely love the product, which works wonders on my skin. I would love to spread the word and showcase the brand’s product/ service on my social media channels.

I would love to create content to support any upcoming festive campaign for (Brand name).

For your reference, here is my Instagram @thatkhasigirl with 7.5% engagement rate

If you’d be interested in working together, please let me know. I am also open to other ideas you may have as well, we can discuss!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.




Email: Negative Pitching

Hi Jasmine

I hope you are having a great week so far!

I am Banri, the blogger behind where I focus on fashion/lifestyle. I have just started my blog along with my Instagram page. I don’t have many followers and this is going to be my first collaboration. I am really excited and looking forward to it.

With the festive season around the corner, I am planning to create a makeup tutorial and I really love your (Lipstick/blush-shade00) as I have been obsessed to the peak that it’s almost over. And thought this is a great opportunity to collaborate wherein I get to wear again my current favorite (Lipstick/blush-shade00) at the same time promoting it. It’s a win-win situation.

[email protected]

Let me know if you are interested.



(What is negative about the last email? Let me know. We can chat over Instagram or any of my social media handles)

If you have any more questions about pitching brands, feel free to reach out at [email protected] or DM in any of my social media accounts with your questions.