How to Figure out Fake Followers on Instagram



Instagram is now a career to many and especially for me. I started out as a blogger been more than a year and it has changed alot ever since with Instagram algorithm on pace too. When I step my feet to the world of Blogging, everything was clean, new and to be honest it wasn’t that popular like it is now especially from the place I belong to. But it feels good to see now that people start acknowledging bloggers and influencers as the number start growing and that we don’t have to explain much on what we do or stress on that part.

And with the growing percentage of the community many controversies arise too on having fake followers and people buying followers to get on top and I have been silent on most of the part but I feel it is high time for our real followers to know on what’s happening behind the on-screen, hoping to have a positive change and create a positive impact on the industry we love.

It take years and years to build a strong base and to build a genuine audience on our social channels. If you have people following you for your great content and the influence you make, you should respect them and I honestly like to maintain transparency between me & my followers. And also if I am following someone I want to make sure I follow the right person who would influence me, motivates me and that I can look up to when I’m low. It takes a lot of hardwork & dedication to create a strong base and NO it doesn’t come out in a week or month, it is the continous effort of years & years. And with the growing percentage to high their visibility and increasingly demand by brands  thesedays some of the influencers and bloggers use automated tool of AI bots to get on top and no doubt want to scale up the industry with the dirty games.

For Brands

This is a serious issue if you are a brand and looking to work with influencers. Most of the brands are unaware of the fact, endorse them and not able to achieve the output they were looking for and end up thinking that influencer’s marketing isn’t working and not worth investing on them. This could create a serious impact for brands as well as influencer’s with real followers. However if you manage to hand-picked the right influencers for your campaign it could flourish with tremendous results. But an experienced marketer have the knowledge of influencer’s marketing and therfore before picking up the right person, many filtration is done in choosing the right one.

Now if you doubt someone you follow has high number of following or if you are a brand and want to sponser the right person then try using these mehtods to spot their followers-:

1) High follower count/low engagement rate– If you see any account with higher number of follwers but less engagement rate( likes, comments and engaging of real audience) you can easily make out that the account is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) bots and these AI bots are usually made to sale bulk followers or likes.

2) More Following– If you spot an account with lots of following but less content and fake profiles then those are generally fake accounts which are created to bring followers to their real accounts. Those accounts are usually private or contain no content at all. It is disgrace to say this but I have witnessed even some of the renown digital marketing companies uses this to manipulate their clients.

3)Spam Comments– If the comments are irrelevant to the post and gibberish then it’s likely to be spam, those are from fake followers who wants to earn credit on every comment on their application to actually grow their followers or increase likes in their real accounts using fake accounts. But if the comments are coming from real profiles, people who actually take part and engaging on other posts then those are genuine.

There are also tools such as Fake Follower, IGExorcist which helps you identify fake or ghost followers.

There are many parameters which measures the fake followers but these are few of the points from my personal experience in case I haven’t miss a thing and jotted down everything.

I would love to know how you spot on fake followers. Drop down the comment below.