This summer is all about Off-Shoulders. I am not much of an off-shoulder person but since I love experimenting, I came up with this idea to DIY myself an off-shoulder dress. This is a long skirt from my mom’s wardrobe and she haven’ wear in like ages so it just remained there, therefore, I decided to experiment with taking less probability of the outcome as I am not a professional designer or a tailor but I am impressed by the whole outlook it came out.

Now you tell for yourself if I nailed my stitching skills,

-A long skirt
-Pencil /Marker
-Needle & Thread or a Sewing Machine
-Measuring Tape


1)Draw the line and cut the long skirt into 1/3 of its  length.

2)Take the lower part of the skirt which is smaller in size to make use of that as the shoulder ruffle.

3)Measure the length of your shoulder with the help of measuring tape and sew the tunnel for the  elastic  to go through the  lining of the ruffle top.

4)Even out the gathers and you’ll have a nicely gathered top  edge

5)The final step is to attached the skirt and to the bodice.

6)Lastly finish the hem of the skirt and you’re done.

Hope this helps you.
Let me know what you are thinking and drop your comment below if you have DIY any dresses or top,would love to see it.