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About Banri

I belong to a tribe which is called as Khasi ( yes! that’s how I found my blog “thatkhasigirl”). Hailing from a small town with big dreams, a dream to touch the sky yet feel the ground, a dream to inspire million hearts, a dream to create endless opportunities so one doesn’t have to feel hopeless or question on their existence.

About Thatkhasigirl

I started this blog in the summer of 2017. It was during the 3rd of my engineering where thatkhasigirl came into existence. Ever since I was in high school, I’v been into fashion and love seeing people dressed up and styling up different pieces. The art of styling with pieces and the peace I get by travelling combine together for thatkhasigirl.



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A fter graduation I wanted to pursue my career in technology, therefore I left my hometown and moved to Mumbai as we don’t have much scope at my hometown in the field I wanted to pursue and therefore, I had to come out of my comfort zone so I can be at the right place to gain the experience all that I need.

Now I am exploring the possibilities and welcoming everything life has to offer with all the smiles.



Navi Mumbai – 400614
Maharastra, India

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