70’s Major Comeback

One of the 70’s major comeback trend are the flares. Fashion from the past is blooming again, true that jeans never make us bore, it always have something to offer us in style starting from the straight legs to skinny jeans but the hottest style for winter or spring is the flare jeans, it makes you simply look fabulous.
I was a bit skeptical at first on the whole flare thing because sometimes a style or trend don’t work for my body type, however I am mad at myself for not scooping up a pair sooner and I’m more likely to be an indecisive girl when it comes to fashion or trying on any new trend. High-waisted fit to perfection is what makes these jeans an epitome of 70’s.
Here I paired my flare with simple white top having a round button-up neckline along with ruffle in my hands, you can also wear with any simple white/black top or bodycon top to make your upper body look lean and goes in fitting with your pant but never put on a denim top or denim jacket because if your jeans are too baggy, it will make the entire silhouette look boxy and less attractive and I’m sure which you or neither of us want. Choosing the right top is very important as it decide the whole look and here I wanted to go a bit classy so I paired them with my not-so-high-heel.

1)Sneakers– If you want to opt for a sporty and more casual look, sneakers will work the best, roaming around in the university or college in sneakers with flares make your outfit look more cool.

2)Flatwear– Flats will make your feet comfortable and save you from bruises. A pair of sandals will give the whole bohemian feels.

3)Wedges– If you are not that person with high-heel, wedges are not bad, they’ll literally keep you more grounded and are perfect match to any outfit. You can throw wedges on with any outfit be it a dresses, pants or skirts.

4)Ankle-Boots– They will probably keep your lowerline clean and give shape to your toe but never go for high boots cause you will definitely not wanting your knee to show up. Ankle boots with a tiny heel will change the whole look. It will make you look taller and flare are the perfect lower which makes you look taller.

                         I am only 5’2 but I look taller here, all thanks to my tiny- heel which save my feet and my look. I always hone into my personal style and sick to it whatever I pick. You can always re-evaluate your personal style and dig up the best it suit as our style keeps on changing too. I have personally feel my style has drastically change over a period of one year. However the only taste of perfect outfit can be felt if you feel it perfect wih your body type. So run your world and keep playing with fashion.
 These are my opinions on flares but you can always experiment on with different styles and make your own trend.
            Let me know if this helps you! Would love knowing your thoughts on it.
                                                                     THANKYOU !
Heel-Shoe Couture
Top-Anderson Arcade.
Flare Jeans-Anderson Arcade.